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• Barra Grande

The Península de Maraú, located in the Baía de Camamu, is one of the most beautiful places in Brazil, and it still keeps untouched areas of Mata Atlântica. Barra Grande, the main village in the area, has just about 500 inhabitants and is a real peace and calmness shelter. In the village, you can find good bars and restaurants. The place still keeps more attractions to those willing to explore the natural beauties: Ilha do Sapinho (Little Frog Island), Ilha do Goió, Cachoeira do Tremembé (Tremembé Falls) and the beautiful Ilha da Pedra Furada, with its amazing natural sculptures. Barra Grande Beach is plain, with warm and calm waters. In the coast toward the continent, there are little backwaters spots, really flat ones. In the other side, the one toward the sea, you can find nice surfing beaches. Other ones with reefs makes nice natural pools, the best thing to practice diving.

The weather is warm and moist, with temperatures averaging 25o C [77o F]. The rainy period occurs between April and June.

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