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• Campo Grande

Mato Grosso do Sul's capital, Campo Grande, is the point of departure to important ecotourism destinations. It's 140 km from Aquidauna, 210 km from Miranda and 440 km from Corumbá, cities considered as entry points to the Southern Pantanal. And it's 280 km far from Bonito, the main location on the Serra da Bodoquena region. Campo Grande is a modern city with grand avenues, an array of hotels and good commercial and service infrastructure. At the same time, the regional culture is very present in traditional restaurants and local craft shops. Campo Grande maintains distinctive cultural traits which it inherited from the Indians, the Europeans, Syrian-Lebanese, Japanese, Paraguayans, Bolivians and migrants from of other Brazilian states, which settled the area. It is regarded as the social, economical and cultural center of the entire state. It is predestined to be a cosmopolitan tourist destination without losing its traditional cultural roots of the interior of Brazil.

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