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• João Pessoa

Capital of the State of Paraiba spreads iver a flat coastal plain, with few tall buildings and many streets of private houses. First and foremost Joao Pessoa is a delightful beach town. A charming of sweeping coves called "enseadas" forms an ocean beachfront 23 km long. Closest to the downtown is Tambau, which anchors one end of the urban beach and flows southward to the more unpopulated strands, like Cabo Branco, where a lighthouse marks the overlook at Ponta do Seixas, the most eastern landfall in the Western Hemisphere

The climate in the region is tropical hot semi-humid. Average annual temperature is around 24ºC – with maximum annual average of 29ºC and minimum of 20ºC.

How to get there
By Air: The Presidente Castro Pinto International Airport receives regular flights from most Brazilian capitals, and from many other Brazilian cities.
By Road: For those coming from Recife or Natal, the access motorway is the BR-101. Setting off from Fortaleza, the best route is through the BR-116, and then the BR-230

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