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• Maragogi

The main destination in the state of Alagoas after its capital city, Maragogi attracts visitors from Maceio and Recife. It offers beaches with calm waves, coral reefs and a huge natural pool known as Gales. From Japaratinga beach, on the southern tip, a ferryboat crosses the Manguaba River into Porto das Pedras, where visitors find virtually deserted beaches.

Maragogi was initially a small village called Gamela. In 1887, it was granted the status of a Town and adopted the name of Isabel, to honour the Brazilian Princess who signed a law ending slavery in Brazil. Later on, in 1892, it was named Maragogi after the river that runs alongside the town. "Maragogi", according to some historians, comes from "Marahub-gy", or river of the Marauba tribes.

The city boasts a tropical, hot and humid weather, with annual temperatures averaging 27º C.

How to get there
By Car/Bus: from either Maceio or Recife, visitors must take either the AL-101 North or PE 060 state highways or the BR-101 South federal highway, Maragogi being 125 km away from both state capitals.

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