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• Parintins

Parintins is a large city with a population of over 100,000 people. It is the site of the annual Bois Bumbas festival that takes place from June 12th every year. The festival is said to be second only to Carnival in Rio and is heavily attended by locals and visitors alike. Cruise ships call here and passengers are invited to attend a folkloric presentation of some of the elements of the festival. While the performance is entertaining, there are limited other sights in Parintins.

How to get there
Access can be by air or water. Boats leave from Manaus, Belem and Santarem.
By Air: there are daily flights departing from Manaus that take approximately 1:15h.
By Water: the trip can be made using simple regional boats, or luxurious catamarans. These can be regularly scheduled or chartered. The trip takes approximately 12 hours going down river and 18 hours going up river

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